"You wouldn't expect a letter from Santa Claus asking for what he wants for Christmas; it's usually the other way around.”

"My wife and I play Santa and Mrs Claus at department stores across the country every Christmas season. Last year, just as we were getting ready to leave for our holiday work, we got an eviction notice requiring us to vacate our rental home to allow the owner to remodel it. We didn't know what to do, so my son-in-law suggested I call Mimi to see if she could qualify us for a home loan and find a place for us to buy as soon as possible. She got it done within a few weeks and we are now settled in our beautiful one-story townhouse just blocks from my daughter and son-in-law. It has lovely landscaping, a pool, and covered parking. We couldn't be happier!"

— V.B.


"I'm upside down on my mortgage.”

"I owe more on my mortgage than my house is worth. I asked Mimi what I should do. She worked with my lender to modify my loan, lowering my monthly payments, and she didn't charge me a thing." 

— L.R.


"I wanted to remodel my kitchen but didn't have the funds"

"Because I had modified my mortgage last year, I didn't know if I'd qualify for an equity loan to remodel my kitchen. Mimi helped me refinance my loan and I got $15,000 out of my equity. I now have a beautiful new kitchen and extra funds in my bank account for emergencies."



“Due to being a victim of fraud, I had to file for bankruptcy”

"Mimi advised me to wait a few months until my bankruptcy had been discharged for a full two years. She then got me an FHA loan to buy a townhouse."  -- D.S.


"I asked Mimi if I could get money out of the equity of my house. Three weeks later, I have $73,000 to remodel it!"


"You're the greatest!”

"My husband and I moved back to Colorado with a toddler and another baby on the way. With a shortage of houses in our price range, we had to live with my mother-in-law. It was stressful, but Mimi found a wonderful condo for us at the right price. She secured the financing and down payment assistance that made it all possible. We couldn't have moved into our new home without her persistence." 

— A.L.


“The rent on my one-bedroom apartment increased by 30%, so I had to move."

"With no apartments available in the city at my price range, I was desperate. Mimi found a beautiful townhouse for me and my payment is less than the rent I was going to have to pay at my old apartment. I now have two bedrooms, a fireplace, a washer and dryer, and my door is just steps away from the swimming pool.

— S.H.


“I got a VA loan without having a credit score”

"I'm a Viet Nam vet who sustained injuries during the war. I lost most of the use of one arm and both legs. I was unaware of the VA benefits I was entitled to until I met Mimi. Even though I didn't have any credit scores, she was able to pre-qualify me for a VA loan. She found a house with no stairs that was within my price range. It received multiple offers but Mimi knew just how to win the bidding process so my offer would be accepted. I bought the house with no down payment and my wife and I were able to move in just before Christmas."

— A.P.


"Mimi sold my condo in 2 days for $10,000 over asking price."

"I even got to rent it for a month after closing until I could close on the purchase of another house."

— B.F.